About Us

Our purpose is to look out for the right set of faces. The faces that can make a difference or who knows – Become the next big thing in the movie, media and entertainment industry.

The next bright star, the upcoming yet ambitious new face, the birth of the stalwarts has never been easy and it never will be. Dreamkatchers understands this. We also understand that time ticks away.

Lay your trust and enjoy this game as an opportunity knocks just once. Let that once be NOW.

Features for Talents and Participants

Participate in talent contests through our app and win prizes.

Get a cool set of real time fans

Your fans keep getting updated about your progress

You are discovered and rediscovered by a team of professionals and industry experts.

Features for Users and Audience

Witness and enjoy talents across various cities.

Receive updates about your favourite talents and their work.

Vote for them!

Comment, Like, Share!

Chase your dream

The DreamKatcher App is designed to make it faster and easier to chase your movie dreams.


Win cash awards

Let your skill turns into a tool to promote your popularity and allow your talent to turn into money.

Get appreciation from audience

Why do you not show your talents to the world and get this golden chance to become a well-known celebrity star?

Showcase your talents

Showcase your unique talents, unleash your cherished value as well as let your skills and creativity display in a multi-dimensional channel


Looking for an exhilarating chance to be a co-producer? Fulfil your dream with Dreamkatcher.

Expert Mentors

Our team of trained mentors contributes to the dramatic world to ensure that the culture is passed to the upcoming generation.

Co-producer Crew

Those who are in search of a co-producer crew to work with, we can help you to find what you demand.